January 2020

Colum O’Hara

Colum is a graduate of Elizabeth High School and Rutgers University.  He has been employed Ryerson Steel for three years as the Northeast Employee Safety Coordinator; his territory covers Philadelphia, Delaware, Buffalo, and Boston. 


Colum is a parishioner of Saint Michael’s Church and made his First Degree in 2000. 


Quiet people sometimes get overlooked, so it is our pleasure to recognize Colum who is always there to help and lend a hand with both the Council and the Columbian Club. 


Earlier this year, Colum cleaned the entire playground area, shifting through the old mulch to remove debris from the area, and then helping to put down the new mulch. This helped to ensure that the playground was safe, clean,  and ready for playing during the 2019 summer season. 


Colum was also one of the Brother Knights who volunteered to help serve food during the Family Picnic. He is also a big supporter of Columbian Club events attending both Cigar Night and the Halloween Party. When Colum is not volunteering, he likes to spend some time relaxing at the Council and enjoying a cigar while watching a game. He is an avid sports enthusiast especially when it comes to boxing. 


Colum, thank you for all that you do for our Council and congratulations on being Knight of the Month

1034 Jeanette Avenue        Union, New Jersey 07083         (908) 686-4504