Knight of the Month

November 2022

Leonard Joseph Komar Jr.

KOFM Len Komar_edited.jpg

Leonard Joseph Komar Jr is a parishioner and Eucharistic minister at Holy Spirit Church in Union. He has a daughter Kelly Rose and a son Leonard Raymond. Len became a 1st-degree Knight in our council in Jan 1992 and advanced to the 4th degree in March 2011. He has held many positions in the Council and Assembly. Past Faithful Navigator JFK Assembly, Past Grand Knight 4504, and VP Columbian Swim Club to name a few. Not only is he the Council second-year trustee but he is currently a Faithful Admiral of the JFK Assembly and an active Color Corpsman.

 Len is a firm believer in second chances. His belief in second chances even extends to old metal and appliances around the Council. Once he hauls it away, he then works to strip whatever he was given and separated the metals. Doing this ensures that he will get the most value for the items and once that is complete he drives it to the scrap yard and then returns the proceeds from the scrap to the Columbian Club.

Len is driven by his passion and is always willing to help. Whether it is the Council, Assembly, Columbiettes, or the many non-profit organizations he is involved with he gives it his all. They say "if you want something done, ask a busy person." Len is that busy person. Something his Father told him years ago guides him to this day. "Do it now cause later the opportunity may not be available to you or you may not be physically able to do it." Thank you Len for always taking the opportunity and for all that you do.


We are proud to name him Knight of the month for November 2022. Congratulations to a wonderful brother Knight who definitely deserves this honor!