Knights Family Dinners


The next Family Dinner is scheduled for 

February 20, 2020, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

The cost has been increased to $9.00 for seniors and $11.00 for others.  Reservations are required by calling Pat Wittek at 908-964-3989 by Monday before the third Thursday of month.

2020 Schedule

March 19, 2020

April 16, 2020

May 21, 2020

June 18, 2020

Dates are subject to change!


Tom Mahoney Park

Please Support
Our Veterans !

Luke Sangiamo............................................Real Estate

Mike Ibbotson................................................Plumbing


25/30 Year

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations


Council 4504 will recognize brothers and their wives who have celebrated, or will be celebrating, their 25th and 50th Wedding Anniversary this year. We will also make special presentations to the brothers and their wives who celebrate incremental five-year anniversaries after 25 years.


Any brother who would like to be recognized should contact Mike Willemse, PGK as soon as is possible so that we may order the correct number of certificates.

Baseball Anyone?

If you are interested in going to Citi field on July 18th 2020 for the 7pm ballgame, please send a check to the Knights for $30.00. That will be the deposit for the game and bus. The total cost that will be due 45 days prior to the game is $70. This will include the bus and game with beer and snacks.  Anyone who wishes to bring anything else is more than welcome. We would like to have the deposit before 01/06/2020 as we will need them to secure the price and tickets. 


Please mail deposits to the following address:

Knights of Columbus 4504

c/o Game Chairman

1034 Jeanette Ave.

Union, NJ 07083

John Mc Evoy has been our champion of this noble cause for years.  New Eyes provides a basic pair of single or lined bifocal lenses for individuals who have no other resources with which to obtain a basic pair eyeglasses. 


Please, look for the donation box on our inside lounge.


Thank you.




Steve Nagy PGK is spearheading this worthy cause. Through the generosity of 4504 we were able to donate 30 cell phones. 


Each donated device allows Cell Phones for Soldiers to fulfill the mission of serving troops and veterans with free communication services and emergency funding.


These donations provide Minutes that Matter to troops overseas. Donations also help provide emergency financial assistance to veterans.

Due to the mobile phone recycling program, more than 15 million cell phones have been recycled since 2004, thus reducing the impact on landfills and our environment. 


There is a donation box in our lounge.  Thank you.

Annual Fish Fry


The Union Knights of Columbus is planning their annual Fish Fry for April 3, 2020.  We are still in the planning stages of the menu and price. Most likely the cost will be about the same.  More details to follow in the March Digest.  Chairman Mike Peter: 908 759 3588 or

Columbian Club News

2020 is a Leap Year so not only will we have an extra day this February we will have five Saturdays too. So try and stop by our Club Room to enjoy some camaraderie with your Brother Knights.


Our Club Room will be opening the following hours.


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – 6:00 PM till Closing


Thursday and Friday – 4:00 PM till Closing


Saturday and Sunday – 12:00 PM till Closing


In the event of inclement weather the Columbian Club may choose not to open the Club Room in the interest for the safety of our members and bar tenders not to travel in hazardous conditions. If the Club Room will be closed it will be announced on our Facebook page “Columbian Club #4504” and other Social Media outlets.


We started off February with our Annual Super Bowl event on Sunday February 2, 2020.


The Union Columbian Club will hold its regular monthly board meeting on Thursday February 27, 2020 and this meeting will open to all members of the Union Knights of Columbus 4504.


And it is never too late to start planning to attend our Annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny on Sunday March 29, 2020.


Details for both events will be on our and the Council’s Facebook pages, blast emails, other social media outlets, and flyers in the Club Room.


The Columbian Club looks forward to seeing more Brother Knights, their spouses, and friends enjoying each other’s company and refreshments, but as always please as always, treat each other with respect and enjoy responsibly.

Novena for Life


One of the new criteria for our Columbian Award is a program called "Novena for Life." It’s a program where Brother Knights announce and hopefully attend our parishes' Novenas. 

A novena is a series of prayers that are said for nine straight days, usually as a prayer of petition but sometimes as a prayer of thanksgiving. The nine days recall the nine days that the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary spent in prayer between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost Sunday.

We will be having a Prayer for Life at every Council meeting throughout the summer.


If you're looking for other ways to thank soldiers, try, a site that allows soldiers to post their needs and wants and provide addresses. Browsing through the requests is fun; lots of good pictures and stories. It really gives you a sense of what these men and women are going through, and reminds you that many of thems are just regular kids who'd just like a Twinkie and a magazine now and then. I sent a couple lotion and pedicure sets to a pair of female Marines for Christmas who requested "anything girly!"

Phone cards for Hospitalized Vets


From Grand Knight Dick Rieger, Council 4969:


Want to help a good cause? There are hundreds of wounded soldiers and Marines that are in the hospital and won't be going home for Christmas. You can help by buying phone cards and sending them to the hospitals. Wal*Mart sells a 1 hour phone card for $4.72

Here are the address's for the Army and Navy hospitals.

Walter Reed Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington, DC

Rear Admiral Adam Robinson (MC) USN
Commander, NNMC
8901 Wisconsin Ave.
Bethesda, MD

These people have given so much, a phone card or two isn't much pay back but it will sure help.

Jim Warrick
USN Ret.

Sir Knights of the JFK Assembly met on December 7th at the First Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Sir Knights with families and the Union Historical Association located US Veteran graves and placed  US Flags in preparation for next Saturday Wreath Across America Event.  Len Komar DGK PFN

Wreaths Across America Honors

GY SGT. Fred W. Stockham USMC


As part of their Wreaths Across America program every year the JFK Assembly also placed a wreath on the grave of GY SGT. Fred W. Stockham USMC grave in Hollywood Cemetery in Union, NJ.


GY Sgt. Stockham received the Medal of Honor for his heroism in World War I. GY Sgt, Stockham died as a result of his selfless aid to fellow wounded Marines.


The JFK Assembly Fourth Degree is proud to remember GY Sgt. Stockham every year in their Wreaths Across America program.

Above L-R: Joe Burlew, Andy Schopfer, Mike Peter and Steve Nagy at Hollywood Cemetery, Union, NJ.

Intellectual Disabilities Drive

Gentlemen it is that time of the year again for our Special Citizen Drive (IDD).  The Chairman has sent the request to the Union Township Committee and Police Department.  We are awaiting approval to collect on the township streets.  The committee is looking for volunteers for the following time slots:


April 17th, April 18th and April 19th

9am to 11am, 11am to 1pm, and 1pm to 3pm


The following weekend we have a request into the churches to collect prior to and following all masses.  Anyone who would like to make a donation can do so by sending them to the Council c/o the Special Citizens Drive.


St. Patrick's Day Parade


The Union County St Patrick's is on March 14th.  The Parade begins at 1:00 PM and steps off on Morris Ave and Jeanette Ave.  The Union Knights of Columbus has participated in this Parade since it had started 22 years ago.  The parade is a family-friendly parade and we would all like to have our members and their families march with us.


After the parade the Union Council Columbian Club with have refreshments for purchase with entertainment.  The parade committee will stop by with the Grand Marshal to say a few words. The parade normally ends at 3:30pm.  If you would like to make plans to either come by the Union Knights of Columbus at 1034 Jeanette Ave or have something with your families at a different location the option is available.

Swim Club Applications Are Available


The Columbian Swim Club is eagerly preparing for the 2020 summer season and is seeking new members to take advantage of the pool and grounds behind our building. Membership is open to Knights of Columbus members, to Columbiettes, and to practicing Catholics who can provide proof of parish membership. Various memberships are available to families as well as singles, and widows or widowers.


For more information, visit our swim club page, Facebook page (Columbian Swim Club of Union)., or reach out to any of the Club Officers. Applications are available at the Columbian Club and will be available at upcoming events scheduled for the Council Hall.


Andy Schopfer, PGK

Columbian Swim Club President.

Charitable Raffle Tickets Are Available


In the fall of 2019, a motion was raised on the Council floor to reinstate a fourth charitable raffle again in 2020 – with the funds raised being used to benefit the Columbian Swim Club. Tickets for that additional raffle are now available and have been mailed to local Council members. The drawing will be held on the evening of February 15th at the Council Hall. The Swim Club is currently facing significant financial challenges, and the money raised will be put to good use.


Please contact Raffle Chairman Andy Schopfer PGK (90) 265-7895 if you would like to purchase a ticket. The cost remains at $10.00, and as usual, we will have a grand prize winner who takes home 40% of the money raised, and 4 smaller prizes of 2.5% of the money raised.

The dates for the 3 subsequent raffles will be Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, Saturday September 12, and Monday, December 8 (the traditional Christmas Dinner meeting.


Andy Schopfer, PGK

1034 Jeanette Avenue        Union, New Jersey 07083         (908) 686-4504