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Do you or a friend or family member have a " green thumb?


The Council and the Columbian Club are forming the Columbian Garden Club.


Members will beautify the Council grounds and  the Knights of Columbus Mini Park this coming spring. 


Contact the Len Komar GK or Mike Peter DD, PGK for details.

You can now request to be added or removed from the email list which is currently used to send the monthly Knight Digest along with important notifications from the Grand Knight.  Click here.

25/30 Year

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations


Council 4504 will recognize brothers and their wives who have celebrated, or will be celebrating, their 25th and 50th Wedding Anniversary this year. We will also make special presentations to the brothers and their wives who celebrate incremental five-year anniversaries after 25 years.


Any brother who would like to be recognized should contact Mike Willemse, PGK as soon as is possible so that we may order the correct number of certificates.

The Union Columbiette will host a Tricky Tray at the Council Hall on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Limited tickets are available please contact Diana Lupo at  908-577-6606.

Donations Accepted!

Wreaths Across America

The JFK Assembly will meet at 9:00 AM on Saturday December 12th to locate the 169 veterans grave and place flags in preparation for the December 19th ceremony. 42 Broad Street Elizabeth at the First Presbyterian Church Cemetery  Please join us. Family and friends are all invited.

Baseball Trip Update


Those that have sent in their deposit for the Met game in 2019 that was postponed till 2020. We will be starting to collect the balance in February. We are still trying to fill a second bus those interested please submit a deposit of 30 dollars as soon as possible for us to secure the Bus. We need at least 20 people more to fulfill this.  The game is June 24th Saturday not sure if it will be a day or Night game. They will be playing the Phillies.


Please send deposit to the Knights in care of Game Chairman.

Any questions please contact Mike Peter at cell 908-759-3588 or email

JFK Assembly


The JFK Assembly welcomes Sir Knights Patrick Mahon , Alex Rivera, Mike, Harms and not in photo Vitalis Anyaniou. Special thanks to FN Tony Oliviero conducted the first ever virtual 4th degree exemplification and SK John Bashaw, who was our I/T guy for this event.

Nothing like working under pressure.

Congratulations to all.

District Deputy

Ring of Honor


Congratulations to SK Andrew Schopfer PGK, FDD, PFN, PCC, who was honored to be named to the District Deputy Ring of Honor for the past Colombian year by State Officers of the Newark Archdiocese.


Congratulation Andy. Well Deserved.

Food Collection​


Council 4504 will hold a food collection for Sister Ann's Pantry on Saturday, November 21st from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Brother Knights will be in the Tom Horning Meeting room to accept your donations. Donations will also be accepted at Council Meetings. Please contact Chuck Cababe for details. 



Due to the on-going social restrictions resulting from the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, the Columbian Club Board has decided to cancel the Motown Dinner Party. We will issue full refunds to all those who purchased tickets for the event. To obtain a refund we will require that you return the purchased tickets. Please contact Michael Harms at to arrange a meeting at the K night Hall (1034 Jeanette Avenue) to obtain your refund.


We look forward to re-scheduling the event sometime during the Summer of 2021.

Did you enjoy the food at our events?  The Family Picnic, the PGK Dinner. If you need food catered at your party/event, support our brothers and give them a call.


Cozy Corner Deli and Caterers

558 Rahway Ave



Steady Smoke BBQ



Time Savor Chef

personal chef service



Killa Seasoning 


Do you know a dedicated Knight at the Council, who supports the Church, Council, Clubs and events? Nominate him for Knight of Month.

Contact the Deputy Grand Knight Phillip Cababe, Swim Club President Alex Rivera, or Swim Club President Andrew Schopfer to submit a nomination.

Thank you.

4th Degree Exemplification


Sunday, November 22nd the Knights of Columbus First NJ Regiment will hold the 4th Degree Exemplification. Due to COVID restrictions and the large candidate 2021 class of 85 Brother Knights, the tradition banquet has been suspended. Through quite some planning, the JFK Assembly Faithful Navigator Tony Oliviero was able to receive permission to hold our candidates exemplification virtually in our Council Hall. The four candidates are from the Union and Hillside Councils. Candidates should arrive at 12:00 in preparation for the ceremony.


After the ceremony the Union Council will hold a “Friends Giving” Dinner in honor of our 4 candidates. Dinner will be a catered event and open to all Brother Knights in good standing. Tickets $20 each, $40 a couple. Casual Attire.


For additional information or Tickets will be on sales at the bar or see Mike Harms or Tony Oliviero FN. Attend and welcome our newest Sir Knights. Enjoy good food, great company and conversations.

Saturday, September 26th two Brother Knights assisted over 100 volunteers from Union County and Kean University distributing food and fresh produce to 1,381 households who drove through the Kean University parking lot.


Pictured are insurance Field Agent Tom Brennan and Color Corps Commander, Ray Gora. 

Council 4504 helping the community . Many thanks to SK Raymond Gora for obtaining a generous food donation from Union County. Thanks to SK Steve Nagy for transporting it in his truck to St. Michael for Sister Ann's Food Pantry.  Brother Knight Michael Eggr received the donation this morning who will delivery to senior citizens. GK Len Komar assisting.

Gene Tavera (who recently completed his 3rd degree at Council 4504) is shown at the food distribution at Scotch Plains on October 17th.

Nearly 1,000 cars received food parcels of canned goods, fresh produce and a box of dairy items.

Oktoberfest 2020


We had our First German Oktoberfest recently. Thanks to Frank Santangelo for supplying us with authentic German Bier and Tasty German Spirits Berenjager and Echte Krotesbere (Thank you Joe Harbison) from our distributors. Also thank you to Frank and Greg Henn for preparing the hearty authentic German food that was supplied to us from the Union Pork Store and Get Stuffed by the graciousness of Kathy and Deena. The bartender for the evening Marisol and brother Knight Mark was our DJ who entertained us with his selection of German Music mixed in with entertaining soft music for the evening was terrific. Thanks to Robert Pynckels who maintained the fire pit in the mild rain.


Most sincere thanks to ALL who attended and made this a well-received evening even with COVID restrictions. Due to the positive response, we will make this an annual event. 

Swim Club News

At a recent Swim Club Board meeting in mid-October, the group engaged in serious discussions regarding the planning for the summer of 2021. As a result we are asking past, present and future swim club members for their input as to the use of the pool next year.

1) If the current restrictions imposed by the State of New Jersey for the past summer are lifted, would you be willing to become a member of the Pool?

2) If the current restrictions (temperature checks, required pre-paid reservations, closing at required intervals for cleaning and sanitizing, bring your own chairs) are maintained, would you be willing to become a member of the Pool?

3) If we were to work out a similar agreement for use of the Pool with Union Township as we had this past summer would you endorse such a plan, and be willing to use the pool as a member of the Knights or the Columbiettes?

Responses can be emailed to the Columbian Swim Club of Union.

It was also noted that we will likely need at least 2 Certified Pool Operators to open the pool for next year. Any interested applicants should also email to the Swim Club address. Similarly, anyone interested in becoming a Life Guard for next year should also send a note so that we can complete our planning for next year.

Finally, it has been an extreme pleasure to have served as the Swim Club president for the past two seasons. While there have been numerous challenges along the way, I have learned to appreciate the generosity of your members, and the commitments that have been made to me during my tenure. Thank you to all!


At the recent Swim Club meeting in October, I advised the group that I had received an offer on my house in Union, and anticipate that I will be moving to Delaware before the end of this year.

As I prepare to depart, I did want to share some of my thoughts on what the Knights of Columbus, and in particular the Union Council has meant to me for the past 19 years.

When I first moved to Union from Elizabeth in early 2000, I knew no one, and had only decided to buy a house because my 15 year old son urged me to do so. Fortunately, my new home was close to the Council, and 2 of my neighbors were members who soon invited me to spend an afternoon at the Tiki Bar. After that initial visit, I was hooked and soon afterward completed my form 100, making my first degree in the summer of 2001.


After every first degree, we always hear the officers advise the new members that they should become active, and that membership rewards those who do so. I did take that advice to heart, and can tell you that it is certainly true.

At one of my first meetings, there was a litany of activities, and I remember telling myself that I couldn’t imagine standing on a street corner asking for donations, or going to a local grocery store asking shoppers to assist with our food drives. However, I quickly overcame that reluctance and soon came to understand that sharing my time with Brother Knights on charitable efforts was more rewarding than anything I had ever done before.

Over the next 19 years being a Knight has clearly helped me to become a better Catholic, and enabled me to share a host of experiences, both positive and negative, with Brother Knights and their families. By joining the Union Council, I had found an organization that not only welcomed me, but encouraged me to share of myself in ways that I had never anticipated. When I first visited, I had never envisioned becoming a Grand Knight (let alone serving 2 terms), or taking on any of the different roles that have held.

While I am proud to have been an active Knight, I recognize that any contributions I have made pale in comparison to the efforts of so many members who came before me. In fact, it is the unique history of our Council that has continually driven me to participate and work to keep it alive and thriving. From the time that members put up their homes as collateral to create the tremendous facility we now share, members have continually given of themselves to run events, build a unique community, and to work with our parishes in sharing our common bond as Catholics. I see the pictures of the Past Grand Knights, and read the names of our deceased members, and am truly grateful that their efforts paved the way for all of us who now have travel cards for Union Council 4504.

Although my life is now taking me in a new direction, I will be eternally grateful to our Council for enabling me to grow and to share of myself. While I will be several hours away in distance, my heart will never be far from 1034 Jeanette Avenue.

Vivat Jesus!

Andy Schopfer, PGK

New Nativity

Intellectual Disabilities


The Columbian year had begun in July. More often than not we have been collecting out in front of both St Michael and Holy Spirit for our Special Citizens (Intellectual Disabilities) Drive during the fall. Looks like we will not be collecting in the spring either. Last year we collected roughly $2800 dollars. We have disbursed about $700 dollars to four charities that we choose to donate too. If any Brother or Family would like to donate. They can do so by mailing their donations to the Union Knights of Columbus care of Intellectual Disabilities Chairman.


A ID collection box has been placed at the Council hall for convenience.

What is the meaning and purpose of a

Christmas Nativity?


A Christmas nativity is probably one of the most recognizable symbols of the Christmas season. The word nativity is taken from the Latin nativus, which means "arisen by birth." Nativities are art, models, carvings, or live demonstrations depicting the night of Jesus' birth. These scenes generally contain the same elements: the Christ child in a manger; His mother, Mary; His father, Joseph; shepherds; angels; various barn animals; and three wise men.


Saint Francis of Assisi created the very first nativity scene in 1223 in an effort to promote the true meaning of Christmas and worship of Jesus Christ. His idea caught on, and soon a new Christmas tradition was born. Today, it's almost impossible for one to go through the Christmas season without seeing a nativity scene in front of a church, in a Christmas play, decorating someone's yard, or placed in model form on a fireplace mantel.


Thousands of years ago, God the Father promised His Son's birth soon after Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:15). Because sin now created a rift in mankind's relationship with God, we needed a Savior who would sacrifice Himself as payment for the sins of those who believe in Him. To that end, God put a plan in motion that would result in the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of the only being capable of becoming the perfect sacrifice God's justice and holiness required.


When Jesus's mother, Mary, was pregnant, she was forced to travel to the town of Bethlehem with her husband, Joseph, so their family could be counted in a census of the entire Roman territory (Luke 2:1–5). This fulfilled the prophecy saying the Messiah would be born in that city: "But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, who are too little to be among the clans of Judah, from you shall come forth for me one who is to be ruler in Israel, whose coming forth is from of old, from ancient days" (Micah 5:2).


Sometime after they arrived, Mary gave birth to Jesus. The Bible tells us that the reason Mary laid Jesus in the manger was because "there was no place for them in the inn" (Luke 2:7). There is more than one meaning for the Greek word for "inn" (kataluma) - it can refer to a hotel-like residence, but it can also be translated as "lodging-place."


Jesus' first bed was an indicator of His nature and purpose. Rather than coming to earth amidst fanfare and in plush surroundings, the King of Creation and God's own Son was born among animals, with his very first visitors being lowly shepherds from the fields. This humble king would grow up to one day sacrifice His life on a cross for sinners, rise again, and then return to His Father's side in power and glory


Brother Knights have rebuilt the existing manger that has served us well over these past years. We have designed and constructed a new manger that is larger than the existing structure and will allow us to place all of our figures inside the manger for years to come.


I would like to thank all of the brother Knights that helped in the construction of our new manger.

1034 Jeanette Avenue        Union, New Jersey 07083         (908) 686-4504