Grand Knight Message

Komar, Len5.jpeg

Lenny Komar

Grand Knight


May has arrived and has brought with it warmer spring weather. I hope that you are able to take some time to enjoy being outside.  Spring is the perfect time to appreciate just a few of God's gifts to us, the flowers blooming, the birds singing, and yes, even the insects buzzing by.  Hopefully, with the increased availability of Covid vaccines this spring, more people can enjoy each other's company as well as the beauty that nature has to offer.


As a child in May, my mother would crown Mary's statue in our front yard.  Her crowned statue would stand tall among the blooming tulips and daffodils.  It was a beautiful sight and a wonderful way to honor Mary, the mother of our Lord.  The May Crowning recognizes Mary as Queen of heaven and earth and is a time for us to reflect on her example of faith.  By accepting the role given to her by God, she gives birth to Jesus and provides us the bedrock of our faith.  While witnessing the brutality of her son's suffering and his death, she remained confident and steadfast in her faith.  She was present to rejoice in Jesus's resurrection, and at the end of her life, Mary's faithfulness is rewarded by her ascension into heaven.  Her life is a reminder that no matter what hardship you are enduring, the best is yet to come.  So, it is with hearts full of joy and respect that each year the Columbiettes crown the statues of Mary both outside the Council as well as the one inside the hall.  Thank you to the Columbiettes for honoring Our Mother on our Council grounds, and many thanks Sir Knight Ron Giamo Sr for preparing the area, around Mary's statue outside, with new flowers.


Mother's Day will be May 9th this year. Continued thanks and blessings to all the mothers.


The state convention will be May 13th through 16th.  Although this year the state convention is being held virtually, Council 4504 will still be meeting at The Adventurer.  Although it has only been a year since we were last able to enjoy Wildwood together, it seems like so much longer.  Despite the challenges that we've faced this past year, the Council has done amazing work, hosting many different events and fundraisers while staying compliant with Covid restrictions.  I hope you will be able to attend, to relax, and enjoy great company and conversation.


May 31st is Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, and is a time when we honored our nation's departed veterans.  Another childhood memory I have is of going to the cemetery with flowers after mass to say a prayer and give thanks.  This Memorial Day, please take a moment to remember our fallen for their sacrifices.


On behalf of all the Council Officers, we extend our best wishes to all the moms.

God bless you and Happy Mother's Day.


I pray the Lord continues to bless us and our Families. Mother Mary pray for us.

Leonard J. Komar Jr. GK KofC 4504