Grand Knight Message

Lenny Komar

Grand Knight


Council 4504,


We've made it to the second month of 2021, and we all know February 14th is Valentine's Day.  St. Valentine is known for ministering to persecuted Christians in the Roman Empire. What better way to celebrate the Feast of St. Valentine this month and every month than to help minister to our parish communities. One way to do this is through our Roses for Life program. Knights attend the monthly baptisms at either Holy Spirit or St. Michael's church and present a rose to the mother of the baptized child. Why? It is our way to honor the parents as we welcome and celebrate the newest members of our parish community.  Baptisms take place one Sunday a month, and it will only take about 30 minutes of your time. If you are interested in helping, please contact SK Chuck Cababe or myself.


Another way to minister to our communities is through donations. This past year was challenging for everyone, and our churches were no exception. Understandably contributions were down in 2020, so in the spirit of giving, Council 4504 will be donating $500 both to Holy Spirit and St. Michael's.  If you have the means, please consider making your own donation.


As with last year, we continue to live, learn, and adapt to changes.  I recently attended a webinar that had to do with making changes to the meeting agenda. Points of the meeting that were deemed as unnecessary have been removed, and as a result, meetings have been streamlined. We will hold two meetings a month; the Officers Meetings on the first Monday, which any Knight in good standing may attend, and the Council Meeting, which is held on the second Monday of the month. Last month our Deputy Grand Knight, Phillip Cababe, held our first meeting with the new agenda and received an overwhelmingly positive response afterward. If you haven't attended a meeting in a while, I encourage you to attend this month's meetings. I think you will find the new meeting agendas both fast and informative.


A few dates to keep in mind:


On February 4th at 7 pm at Holy Spirit Church, there will be a Mass for our Country. No registration is needed.

On February 7th, the Columbian Club will host a Super Bowl Party. Doors will open at 4 pm, and entry is $20 per person. Please contact SK John Bashaw and SK Greg Henn PGK for details.


March 26th, there will be a Fish Fry at the Council curbside pickup will be available. More details to follow as we get closer to the date.


Let us continue to pray for our family and friends who are sick with Covid. Let us also pray for the ones we have lost and give thanks for those who have recovered.

Leonard J. Komar Jr. GK KofC 4504

1034 Jeanette Avenue        Union, New Jersey 07083         (908) 686-4504