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Grand Knight Message

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Gerry Aponte

Grand Knight


Brother Knights,


Greetings to all my Brother Knights. I have thought of many things I could touch on, but I have finally decided to reiterate what makes us a member of this fraternal organization. As brothers, we are called to service, both to our brothers and our communities, no matter in what form. There are many ways we can assist the less fortunate, the sick, the hungry, the homeless, and even families and embrace those opportunities to serve. We feel good about it and take pride in it since we are giving of ourselves to help our fellow citizens. 


In the past, we have been active in the following charities; food drives, Coat drives, ID drives, and many fundraising events. We also create avenues where fellow brothers can use their time and talent for the betterment of their brother knights and fellow citizens, and for that, we all have to feel highly honored to be able to do such an activity. 


Many of us still need to learn what we, as knights, are all about; not just a bunch of guys who like to hang out and have a good time, but we have to act in such a way that they see us as more than that, Men who assist at our churches as Ushers and baptisms. Men who rally behind the families of our deceased brothers, men who stand shaking cans to raise funds.  


It is our responsibility, therefore, to reach out to our other catholic brothers and let them know of the good that we do and invite them to become part of this great organization where they, too, will and can have the opportunity to be of service. I am honored to be a member of this organization and honored more to be the Grand Knight at Council 4504, but I do not take this lightly. I count myself very fortunate and blessed to be one of the few from many who have attained that rank, and I seek your full support and cooperation as I enter the second half of my term. So again, it is my honor and privilege to be one of “Those Men They Call Knights! 


Lastly, I would like to remind everyone of the upcoming KOFC convention in Wildwood, NJ, May 19-21, 2023. If you and your family are interested in attending, please feel free to contact our council.


Brothers, flyers with complete details for this event will be forthcoming.


Vivat Jesus 

Gerry Aponte

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