Grand Knight Message

Lenny Komar

Grand Knight


Brothers All,

When I joined the Knights of Columbus Council 4504 back in 1992, I was impressed with all the charitable works the Council was involved in. As I attended more meetings, events, and work parties, I got to meet more Brother Knights and the Columbiettes and discover what an overwhelming pool of talent we have here at 4504. Educators, plumbers, electricians, engineers, artists, culinary chefs, computer technicians, mechanics, doctors, nurses,  firefighters, EMTs, police officers, corrections officers, and veterans are just a few of the vocations of our members. We have members from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences but are united by our religion and our philanthropy.  As our Council history proves, there is nothing we can’t do when we work together with God in mind. The physical formation of the Council from a vacant lot, to a Council Hall, to the Swim Club Pool, to the extensions on the Council building, to the updates to the patio it is a physical representation of how we adapt and grow together. We are continually making improvements not only to our location but also to other’s lives of others as we raise money for various charities. We, as a Council constantly moving forward. Even now, when we face unprecedented challenges to ourselves, our families, our communities’ I do not doubt that we will continue to advance. Although we face a global pandemic and social unrest, we must use our core principles as guidelines and stay united as Brothers and Sisters in Christ.


Our three principles, Charity, Unity, and Fraternity:

Charity – Our faith teaches us to love our neighbor. God has gifted each of us a talent, and we give thanks to Him by using that talent to help others. Whether your talent is a skill set or being financially secure enough to donate to a cause we must use them to help our neighbors. By gathering our talents as a Council and fundraising, we are able to make a positive impact on the world around us. Charities like Camp Fatima, ARC, The Special Olympics, Unlimited Development, COE,  The Challenger League, Sister Ann’s food bank, and many others benefit from our united talents and hard work.


Unity – Working together. The Council Hall that our members built and we continue to work to maintain is not the extent of what we can do when we work together. Not only can we unite to do wonderful things for charity, but we can band together to fight social injustice. As an organization, the Knights of Columbus has actively stood against racism. It is important to remember that labels are human made tools of division and not are recognized by our Holy Father, who loves and treats us all equally as his children. We should always, but especially in these difficult times, strive to do the same.


Fraternity - We are a diverse collection of people united by our religion. We are all family in the eyes of the Lord. Like any family in good times, we gather together to celebrate, and in difficult times we stand ready to give support. As such, we assist our members in need. Whether it is emotional support due to the loss of a family member or physical and monetary support due to loss of housing, we are ready to help in any way we can.

Please keep these principals in mind as you go throughout your day.


Due to Covid19, many of us mourn the loss of our loved ones. Because we cannot be physically together at this time due to state restrictions, we would like to hold a memorial service for our deceased members in the near future. I will provide updates as we finalized the details. Please also remember to give thanks for the recovery of family members and friends who have suffered from this illness.


As state restrictions are lifted, work parties and in-person meetings will resume. I ask you to reach out and invite a non-active member to a meeting or work party.  I know the term “work party” conjures thoughts of physical labor, and none of us need extra work.  However, there is a sense of comradery as we all pull together towards a common goal, and as they say, many hands make light work.  Another saying I often think of is, “there are no strangers just friends we have not met yet.” Work parties are another way for us to come together and learn about each other, share our talents, enjoy each other’s company, and share some laughs. Come on out and enjoy the fun.


It humbles me to be elected Grand Knight of this Council. I look forward to continuing to work with each of you at our meetings, events, and work parties. Each activity allows me to learn more about and from each of you. United we stand, and together with God's grace we can overcome anything. I pray the Lord continues to bless us and our families.


Leonard J. Komar Jr. GK KofC 4504

1034 Jeanette Avenue        Union, New Jersey 07083         (908) 686-4504