Grand Knight Message

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Monday October 11th is Columbus Day. This day means many things to the people in our community, a day off of work, a reason to bbq and watch sports, or something that in late has become a controversial holiday in politics. For us as Knights though, this is the date dedicated to the influence Christopher Columbus had on our founding. The reason why father Michael J. McGivney chose Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer, rather than an Irish saint for his Catholic Knights, is due to the way Americans rallied around the famous explorer.


19th century America was a place where anti-Catholic and anti-immigration hostilities ran strong, but by using this famous beloved man, he asserted his Knights as a place where Catholics and immigrants could be influential in shaping the country around them. That’s why I ask all of you brother knights to remember Christopher Columbus fondly this month for if it weren’t for him father McGivney may have never been able to start the organization that we have built up to be one of the most important societies in our nation's history. God bless all of you!


Vivat Jesus!


Phillip S. Cababe

Phillip Cababe

Grand Knight