Grand Knight Message

Lenny Komar

Grand Knight


Brothers All,

To say 2020 has been an interesting year would be an understatement. When Tropical Storm Isaiah was heading towards New Jersey  we  were notified of the storm and had time to prepare ourselves.  Having survived other tropical storms, we knew what to expect and the steps to take to protect ourselves and our homes. However, Covid-19 is an entirely different experience, this is a storm we haven’t weathered before, and we aren’t quite sure what to expect. It


seems like everyday guidelines and rules are changing. Things we have often taken for granted have been restricted or closed altogether. Masks have quickly become an essential requirement when leaving the house. Fist bumps and waving hello have replaced handshakes and hugs. But through all the craziness and constant changes, we have been learning to adapt. It is said, a strong tree breaks in a strong wind, but a flexible tree survives the storm.  We both as individuals and as a council are that flexible tree.


Through the worst of it, we put our technological skills to the test by learning how to hold Zoom meetings and online fundraisers. Once restrictions started to lift, we held in person  meetings, work parties, and ceremonies while working within the occupancy limits and maintaining our social distance.  This shows that even though we have been forced to adapt to the environment, we still hold fast to our core values.  We can always adapt to continue to help charities and each other.


Slowly but surely, we are working towards regaining some normalcy in our lives. The Snack Shack, Tiki Bar, and Grove are open for members and their families to enjoy. This is all due to the efforts and support from Brother Knights, Columbiettes, and their families.  The Family Dinner will be back but with a twist. On Thursday, September 17th, the dinner will be available for  “take out.” You will be able to come down and pick it up to take it home or if the weather is nice, bring your dinner in the back and enjoy it on the patio or in the Grove.  Please see the Family Dinner article in this digest for details.


Thankfully the Council building or grounds did not see any significant damage during the tropical storm. There were many large downed branches in the grove, but luckily all the debris fell around decking and Grove tables. Special thanks to the Columbian Club President Alex Rivera, who organized a Saturday work party and to all the Brothers who came together and removed the branches to make the Grove safe. It is impressive to see the Council come together to help with the continued maintenance and updates to the grounds for our seasonal enjoyment. Our next project will be the playground. Please look for blast emails for the next work party.


Let us take a moment and give thanks that our members and their families made it through Storm Isiah without any injuries or severe damage to their homes.


On Wednesday, August 5th, the Council held an Exemplification at our council hall with our new degree team. We welcomed 9 Brothers to the 3rd degree. State Warden Russell Petrocelli and First Battalion Commander Ed Wilkins were present. Many thanks to all who attended the ceremony and for their continued support to our Council.


Please keep Harold "Buster" Rapke,  James Moran PGK and Brother Knight, Former Union Mayor Patrick J. Scanlon III, and their families in your prayers. May their souls and the souls of all our faithful departed brothers, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen


I pray for our continued safety and flexible while weathering the storms before us.


Leonard J. Komar Jr. GK KofC 4504

1034 Jeanette Avenue        Union, New Jersey 07083         (908) 686-4504