Grand Knight Message

David Wozniak

Grand Knight

Brothers All,

With all the materialism, hype and sensationalism in the media today, it is difficult to believe that one may find something of worth in today's music. On that not let’s go back to 1995, and no, I am not referring to one of those old AM gospel radio stations. In fact this is a song that I used to hear while I was in the car with my family driving somewhere, while I was trying to stay awake in the back seat. While the grammar in the lyrics of this song is not perfect and the song's eloquence is in simplicity and directness, it states the truth about the importance of practicing our beliefs rather than merely talking about them.


I would like to share these lyrics with both the newer and more experienced members in the hopes that it may inspire the not-so-active brothers to become more involved with our brotherhood. I present to you the lyrics of that song,


"You Are What You Do," by the group, "The Moffatts".

Could have been my grandpa, could have been my preacher.

Could have been my high school history teacher.

Somebody said it and I'll never forget it.

Might have been my daddy, might have been my mama.

Might have been Dolly Parton, or the Dolli Llama.

They were words to the wise, and they hit me right between the eyes.


If you want to write a song, better get a guitar.

If you want to win Daytona, better get you a car.

If you want to be Picasso, better get you some paint.

For you are what you do, and if you don't then you ain't.


Could have been a stranger, could have a friend.

Could have been a commentator on CNN.

Talking to my TV, directly to me.

Might have been my banker, might have been my bookie.

Might have even read it in a fortune cookie.

In some Chinese joint, but let me get to the point.


If you want to go to heaven, better get to church.

If you want a promotion, you better get to work.

If you want to catch the big one, better get some bait.

You are what you do, and if you don't then you ain't.


If you want an education, you better stay in school.

Get yourself some glasses, if you want to be cool.

Talk to Mother Theresa, if you want to be a saint.

Yea you are what you do, and if you don't then you ain't.


In conclusion, to be a Knight of Columbus we must do Knightly things. Without action, words become nothing but an empty promise and an annual dues payment. The principles we speak of constantly will go in one ear and straight out the other. For a moment let’s forget about the ceremonials, and fancy dress. We are what we do, and what we do is be Knights! And if you don’t then I guess you ain’t.

Vivat Jesus!

David Wozniak

Grand Knight; Union 4504


1034 Jeanette Avenue        Union, New Jersey 07083         (908) 686-4504