Grand Knight Message

Gerry Aponte

Grand Knight


Brother Knights,


It is with vast gratitude and appreciation that I write my first article as a Grand Knight in this distinguished organization, Council 4504 of Union. I am indeed thankful to all those who have rallied with me throughout the various stages of my council journey. During this new year, I pray that I can continue what all the others who have come before me have been able to do as council leaders.


I know that there is much to be accomplished. I am in no way planning to "reinvent the wheel." However, I want to use this time to accomplish great things for this Council together with my fellow officers and members. I want to express my thanks to the outgoing Grand Knight, Phil Cababe for a great year, and congratulate him again for receiving the Star Council Award. We are thankful for your services to the Council this past year and the many years that you have served in your various capacities. I also want to express my congratulations to the fellow officers who were elected to serve on the Committee for this upcoming year. As I step up to the plate, I am excited to lead alongside those who have made a commitment to service and I look forward to achieving our goals and objectives together this new Columbian year.


There is a lot to achieve and there is even more that can be achieved together. I make a special call to ALL brother knights to rally together. I challenge all of us to attend regular meetings, be present at degree ceremonies, support all new brothers, as well as assist with programs run by the Council and the Columbian Club and those undertaken by the Columbiettes. Let your voices be heard. Brothers, TOGETHER, let us achieve great things for Council 4504. There is something that each of us can be part of; something that each one of us can do no matter how small it may seem, it all adds up and makes your contribution worthwhile.


Brothers, I look forward to serving you as Grand Knight. I pray that the Almighty will grant us grace, hear our prayers this year for each of you, the council, and your families. I offer you my services and look forward to your cooperation and support as I take up this challenge, as I know that we can achieve and do great things together.



Vivat Jesus

Gerry Aponte GK