Why Do You Love Being Catholic?

by Matthew Kelly

An empty tomb.

This isn’t what they expected. Imagine the fear. Imagine the confusion. Jesus told them it would happen, but they still were not prepared for his resurrection. Mary Magdalene didn’t even recognize Jesus when he stood right in front of her.

But he is risen!

Do you act like the disciples and Mary Magdalene? Or do you expect the extraordinary? Do you expect miracles?

Jesus wants to do something extraordinary in your life. He wants to resurrect your life.

What part of your life needs resurrection?

We all have an area of our lives that needs resurrection. What’s happening in your life right now? What’s not working in your life? What great question are you grappling with in your heart?

Whenever I get to a place in my life where things aren’t making sense, it always seems that I need to rediscover Jesus and his Church. And whenever I intentionally try to rediscover Jesus and his Church, I am overwhelmed with how powerful our faith truly is.

I love the Church. I love the genius of Catholicism.

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