Rev. Monsignor Anselm Nwaorgu, Ph.D 

Living Life Out and Loud

Msgr. Anselm Nwaorgu, Ph.D.


Dear fellow Knights, this past year has been a year of rude awakening, with Covid-19 ravaging and claiming lives, at will. It makes me think about how life could easily be seen as a beam of light that shines so brightly now and, suddenly, fades away and dies out. I have given this some thought and have come to the conclusion that if this is how life is, and can be, then we need to do all we can to live this little life of ours, out and loud. How do I mean by this?


I believe that we need to live our lives as men on a time-limited mission; men for whom every minute counts. If that is the case, then don’t just belong, participate; don’t just care, give a helping hand; don’t just believe, practice; don’t just be fair, be generous; don’t just forgive, forget; don’t just dream, act. Many a time, we are too focused on yesterday and tomorrow that we forget to live today to the fullest. The truth is that yesterday is gone forever and we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Today is all that we got. Bottom line, we are perishable items and life needs to be lived accordingly. Therefore, don’t waste time worrying, for that is using your imagination to create things that you don’t want! Don’t waste time being angry, for you are adding more wrinkles, not dimples, to your face. Don’t waste time in unforgiveness, for you don’t want God to remember your own sins in detail. Don’t waste time being envious, for you cannot attract what you attack. Don’t spend time cursing, for you are telling others how low you have gotten. Don’t waste time hurting people, for whatever you do to others may come back to you as experience. Don’t waste time gossiping, for what goes around comes around. Don’t waste time worrying about death, for you will never begin to live this little life of yours. Don’t waste time in regrets, for you are ruining the blessings of this day. Don’t waste time looking back, for it turns you into a bag of salt! Don’t waste time procrastinating, for you are simply using the future to escape the present! Don’t waste time living in fear, for it creates paralyzing for what needs to be done, now. Don’t waste time looking for people’s approval, for you will be living your life for others, not for yourself! Don’t waste time in misery, for misery loves miserable company. Don’t waste time in hate, for you are draining joy and peace out of your life. Don’t waste time being lonely, for loneliness is but a lack of purpose!


My friends, life is too short; let’s live it while we can. Let your eyes see the best; let your heart forgive the worst; let your mind forget the bad; let your soul never lose faith, let your spirit stand up for what is right, just and fair, and always pray into your future, so that life situations may happen for you, not just to you.