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Leonard Komar

According to his son Leonard Raymond, Leonard Joseph Komar is a very charitable man whose character and integrity are just two traits that define him. Upon meeting Leonard J Komar one will realize a couple distinctions between him and everyone else; the first being his selflessness and the second, his passion.

Len’s son says that his Dad loves to see achievement in progress, even if it’s not his own success. He’ll do anything he can to make someone else’s dream become a reality and he takes a lot of pride in seeing people happy.

We here at Council 4504 can testify to these words as we have seen Len volunteer and participate in a wide range of activities at the Council, and most recently in becoming the Faithful Navigator of our 4th degree assembly JFK #666. He is not a person who is noticed because of his mouth, but because of his actions which he does without any fanfare. In his personal time Len volunteers at multiple non-profit organizations such as the Army Ground Forces Association.  In each one he applies his passion and skills to make the impossible a reality.  He always throws everything he has into his work even if it means doing late night research on a work night, taking vacation days, and driving long distances.  Len devotes his time and efforts just to make sure their events work out as expected.

We at Union 4504, are proud and honored to have a brother of such caliber in our midst exemplary, respectful, self-motivated and unselfish and therefore, we have the utmost pleasure in acknowledging Leonard Joseph Komar, as Knight of the Month,

December 2017.

Congratulations Len well deserved!