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Contacts 1034 Jeanette Ave.  908-686-4504 Knight of the Month June 2017 Jack Schulz

Our Knight of the Month for June is the rather unassuming, easy going, John “Jack” Schulz. Jack, formerly of Irvington, presently resides in Union with his beautiful wife, Michelle, and their six children-Michael, Dominick, Jacqueline, Jonathan, Amanda and Brandon.  Jack also has a grandson, Samuel.

Jack’s family is well known at the Knights as they are always around, helping or, working on or helping with activities and helping, Jack’s mom, Antoinette, fondly referred to as “Nonna,” (granny) by her grand-children, who runs the outside snack bar.

After graduating Irvington High, jack started his own business enterprise, J&S Towing, which he ran for twenty-five years. Presently Jack works with Union County as the Supervisor of Park Maintenance Services. Besides all this though, Jack is involved in conducting his food truck business and can sometimes be seen working at township events.

Jack was very instrumental in helping with the last Fish Fry undertaken by the Council in April. He donated his fryer, free of cost, to the Council to help expedite the preparation of the food. It is not only about work, though. Jack is also a Board Member of the Columbian Club as well as a Board Member of the Italian/American Police Society of Union.

But, according to his second son, Dominick, who, when asked by Grand Knight Giftus John, what was the favorite thing that his Dad loves to do, said, “Hanging out with his children.” No better testament for a brother knight or any father for that matter, by your child. All who know Jack can attest to that sentiment since we see him here accompanied by his family and helping out “Nonna,” in the kitchen or “hanging out” with John Bashaw and other close friends. This is one brother of whom we can say, “family matters.”

It this gives us great pleasure then, to award the title of “Knight of the Month, June 2017,” to John “Jack” Schulz. Congratulations, Jack.