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The Knight Digest was established in 1958 to provide a means of communications among all council members.

The Digest is only as effective as the information it contains, so I would like to provide a few guidelines to help increase its effectiveness.

Plan ahead: if you are planning an event and would like the greatest attendance possible, give people enough advanced notice.  We all live busy lives and our calendars fill up quickly.  If you don’t have all the details spelled out, simple submit a “Save the Date” article so that people are aware of your event and can plan accordingly.

When to Advertise: Your article should appear in two digests prior to the event.  If your event takes place in the first week of the month, don’t count on that month’s digest to get the word out.

Digest Schedule:  Articles are due to the Editor by the 15th of each month.  If you submit articles beyond that date, there is no guarantee they will make it in the next month’s edition.  Some months are busier than others, so articles may be shortened or omitted.  The Digest is sent to the printer on the first of each month.  It takes about a week before the digest will show up in your mailbox including the time to print and label.  The digital version of the Digest is available on the first of the month.

Follow Up: Just as important as the event, is the follow up.  It’s important to let people know what took place.  The Council does amazing work and should be shared with everyone.

Photos: If you are attending one of the many events held at the Council, don’t forget to snap a photo and send to the Knight Digest.

Website: The website has no timeline or space restrictions and is an active version of the Knight Digest.  All articles submitted for the Digest are also featured on the website.  At any point in time, you can submit an article for the website just in case a last-minute event happens to arise.


Tom Dudek