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Thank You

I did not realize that my message in the June Digest was my last one until Tom Dudek brought it to my attention. I was under the impression that I also wrote the one in July, but no such luck. Well, I guess I had better say my “Thank Yous” before it is too late.

I want to thank all who helped me along the way during my journey as Grand Knight. To the Columbiettes- for your spirited effort in undertaking the Tricky Tray and assisting with other council activities; to the many brothers who participated in various council activities throughout the year; to all the individuals, agencies and business places who contributed or sponsored projects undertaken during this year. I also want to thank Pat Wittek who ran the monthly family dinners, and to all those who religiously participated and my thanks to Greg and Frank, who helped prepare the meals.

Fr. Wolfee served as our chaplain and I was able to meet and discuss concerns and issues seeking guidance as to be more effective in my role as Grand Knight. Thanks Fr. Wolfee and other priests at St. Michael’s Church who joined Ed McCormick and me at the Pride in Our Priests Dinner. It was a special night for all of us. Thanks to the officers and members of the Columbian Club and to all the residents of Union who, in one way or the other, were part of events and activities of Council 4504. My thanks also to all who always gave me words of encouragement as I undertook my role as Grand Knight of this great Catholic organization. A special thank you to Tom Dudek with whom I worked to produce the Digest during the past year. Thanks for your patience, cooperation and dedication in undertaking this task.

However, most of all, I would like to express my sincerest thanks and love to my wife, Theresa, who had to deal with my absences from home and constantly being at the Council Hall or some event out of town doing one thing or the other when she wished I was at home. Thanks my dear.

As I bid you goodbye, I leave you in the capable hands of brother Mike Willemse and I ask for your full support and cooperation as he steps in to lead Council 4504 during the upcoming Columbian Year.

Thank You All.

Giftus John

Wildlife and Roof Repairs

During the recent repairs to the roof of the council building, work on one section had to be halted for a while when the roofers came face to face with two gawking Plover Killdeers only to find out that these two birds were protecting four eggs in a nest of stones. The animal control team in Union was called to the scene and two officers decided against moving the nest or capturing the birds. Instead, they created a “moveable nest,” so to speak, using a small flat box cover to allow the workers to move the nest, temporarily, to a safe spot and avoid any issues with the plovers and their eggs.

A few weeks later, I was able to photograph the parents and three of the four chicks that had hatched. There was still one egg in the nest camouflaged among the stones. Another visit on the 25th indicated that the birds had moved on. No more the distress calls from the parents to the young chicks warning them of impending danger, or the parents playing the “broken wing” trick to lure trespassers away from their nest and their chicks. I guess they’ll return sometime to continue the process.

See some photos from our wildlife experience. You can go online to find out more about plovers. Thanks to Joe Harbison and another friend who helped me identify the birds.