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The MPs Take the Big Ones.

Michael P. Campanelli and Michael P. Willemse ( in what must be the first time two brother knights with the same first name and middle initial,) are the 2017 Columbian of the Year and 2017 Knight of the Year, respectively. Both brothers were among the honorees at this year’s Shield Awards held on  June, 26th.

Michael P. Willemse, (Dr. Mike as he is fondly called,) Grand Knight elect, chaired two very successful and profitable programs during the past Columbian Year-the Family Picnic and the Murder Mystery Dinner (look for a repeat this year,) while Campanelli, the self-proclaimed, champion mixologist, is the maintenance “chief.”

We extend our congratulations to the Mike Ps and to all the brothers who were recognized as Knight of the Month for their respective months.

2017 Shield Awards

Union Police, Fire and First Responders were honored at the annual Shield Awards ceremony on Monday, June 26th, at the Columbian Club of Union. The awards are given out each year to a deserving Union Township police officer, emergency technician and firefighter for demonstrating outstanding service within their departments and achievements in the local community.

Union Police honoree, Capt. John Daubner and Firefighter Daniel Donza were awarded Policeman and Fireman of the Year for 2017 respectively, for exceptional service and commitment to the Township of Union. Union’s EMT of the Year was awarded to CJ Urso, who was recognized for his service to the Union community for over 14 years.  

Other honorees at the Shield Awards were Mrs. Karen Holroyd-Holy Spirit, and Janet Boscia-St. Michael’s, as Parochial School Teachers of the Year; the late Mrs. Edith Leddy as CCD Teacher of the Year at St. Michael’s and  Mrs. Pat Wittek, Senior Citizen of the Year. Father Wolfee of St. Michael’s Church, and the Columbiettes of Union, were also honored for their dedication to Council 4504.

Awards were also presented to the Council’s Knights of the Month as well as special recognition for the Columbian of the Year, Michael P. Campanelli and the Knight of the Year, Grand Knight elect, Michael P. Willemse. 

The ceremony was well-attended and was one of the most impressive conducted by the council over the years. Following the presentation of awards, honorees and their guests were treated to snacks and refreshments.

Council 4504 is proud to have been able to recognize all those who were honored and look forward to continuing the tradition for a very long time.