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Michael Willemse

Grand Knight

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Brother Knights of 4504,

The month of November is considered a month of remembrance and giving thanks. November starts with All Saints Day and All Soul Days; two days of remembrance of our saints and all our beloved family and friends that have passed away. To honor and celebrate our fallen Brother Knights, we will holding our Annual Memorial Mass on November 12th. Immediately following the Mass, we will having our breakfast/brunch at the Council Hall. The day before our Memorial Mass is Veterans Day. As the name indicates, this day is celebrate and honor all the veterans who have fought and served in every branch of the United States military. I, personally, would like to take this opportunity to thank every veteran that has risked their lives for the service of our country.

We have a few important dates for this month to consider. November 4th is our PGK dinner to honor our most recent Past Grand Knight, Giftus John. It promises to be a great event, and I hope everyone will come out for it. We will be hosting a Formation Degree (2nd degree) on Wednesday, November 8th as well as a Knighthood Degree (3rd degree) on Friday, November 10th. I highly encourage all whom have not received the honor of full Knighthood to attend these ceremonies. It truly is an awarding experience. As I mentioned previously, our Memorial Mass will occur on Sunday, November 12th. Also, our monthly Knights Family Dinner is set for November 16th, starting at 6:30pm.

At the end of this month, we celebrate Thanksgiving. This is a wonderful holiday where we take the time to be with our families and friends, and reconnect with them. The year keeps us all extremely busy, and sometimes it is difficult to get together with the people who love and care for you the most. Take this holiday and give thanks to all the things you have. This life is a gift, and we should be thankful that we were given such a wonderful gift.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Michael P. Willemse Grand Knight, Council 4504

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