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Giftus John

Grand Knight

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Michael Willemse

Deputy Grand Knight

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It is with a great amount of humility and appreciation that I write my first article as a Grand Knight in this distinguished organization and specifically as the Grand Knight of Council 4504 of Union. I am indeed thankful to all those who have rallied around me in my journey along the various stages as an officer of the Council. I pray that I can, during this year, continue what all the others who have gone before me, have been able to do as they led this Council.

I know that there is much to be accomplished. I am in no way planning to "reinvent the wheel." I just want to use it to accomplish great things for this Council, together with my fellow officers and members.

I want to express my thanks to the outgoing Grand Knight, Greg Henn; Trustee Joe Burlew and Treasurer Steve Nagy for their contributions to the Council during this past year. We are thankful for your services to the Council this past year and the many years that you have served in your various capacities. I also want to express my congratulations to the fellow officers who were elected to serve on the Committee for this upcoming year. You have made that commitment to serve and I look forward to working with each of you to achieve our goals and objectives this new fraternal year.

So, "as I step up to the plate," so to speak, I am not sure what to expect but I can guarantee you that I’ll give it my best swing and if I get a hit, I’ll be happy. But, I am swinging for the fences and hopefully get one over that fence and allow all of us the opportunity to celebrate our success together as a TEAM.

There is a lot to achieve and there is a lot that can be achieved together. I make a special call to ALL brother knights to rally together. Attend meetings; be present at degrees and support new brothers; assist with programs run by the Council and the Columbian Club and also those undertaken by the Columbiettes. Let your voices be heard. Brothers, TOGETHER, let us achieve great things for Council 4504. There is something that each one can be part of; something that each one of us can do, no matter how small it may seem, it all adds up and makes your contribution worthwhile.

Brothers, I look forward to serving you as Grand Knight. I pray that the Almighty will grant us all that we pray for during this year for you, the council and your families. I offer you my services and I look forward to your cooperation and support as I take up this challenge, because I know that together we can achieve and do great things.

God’s richest blessings.

Vivat Jesus!!

Giftus John, GK

Fr. Bob Wolfee