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Ed McCormick

Grand Knight

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Greg Henn

Deputy Grand Knight

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My Brother Knights at the Union Knights of Columbus,

I begin writing this article by pinching myself to make sure that this is not a dream of me being Grand Knight. I am honored that my brothers have seen fit to elect me to this position. I grew up in this council, having first been in the building at around the age of 8 when my father joined in the early 60’s. Many of the Grand Knights in those days were my father’s friends and I looked up to them with reverence. To find myself counted among their number is awe inspiring to say the least. Again, I thank you for having the confidence in me to give me this job.

I will give my absolute best efforts to earn that confidence over the next year.

The last Columbian Year saw many improvements to the Council both physically and fraternally. My goal is to continue those efforts in this Columbian Year with a view toward making Union Council the best it can be. However, one man cannot do it alone. That is what Fraternity, the 3rd principle of our order means. I need all of you to give some of your time to helping your officers make our Council the best it can be. I’m not asking for a lot of time from any one brother. This Council has 1,300 members and if each of those many hands do just a little lifting we can raise this council very high. Find an area you enjoy, be it youth, community, religious, charitable, council or whatever appeals to you and volunteer to help in this area. If all you can give is a few hours once a year at an event that’s all we want. If you can give more we’ll gladly accept it. I suspect that you’ll get more back than you give.  You will be amazed at what we can achieve if we all pull together.

Your Council and Columbian Club and Swim Club officers have put together a calendar of event s for the next several months. I would ask you to come out and support those events. I also ask that you come to our meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month to find out what’s going on and fraternize with your brother Knights.  Come to work parties if you can. Only by your involvement can we make Union Council all that you want it to be. To paraphrase Sir Knight John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your council can do for you. Ask what you can do for your council.”

Gentlemen, we are a great team here in Union Council. Help me lead that team by getting involved.

Vivat Jesus

Ed McCormick